So I got “the call” this morning but NOT actually “final” call.

My son overdosed last night. A first for him but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

EMS was called. They gave him 2 doses of nasal narcan and then one dose IV.

The police told me they were Marchmen acting him.

Of course, I freaked out. I called his girlfriend to try to get his roommates phone number.

I told her what the police told me.

Well, the police wanted him held but the ER doctor released him.

He says he was just “drunk”.

Narcan doesn’t work if you are just “drunk”.

Now- he is calling me DEMANDING that I tell his girlfriend I over reacted. Apparently she wants to break up with him over his use of drugs.

Yet somehow, this is my fault?

Says if I don’t “fix” this, he really will od?

What am I suppose to do?

Nothing- I know there is nothing I can do.

I’m just numb.

Not sure if it’s my medical background or what? I have given CPR to more people than I can count. I have seen numerous people die.

And I have been dealing with his drug use for seven years.

I’m just numb and done.

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