Sorry I haven’t been around. Life has been stressful.

This past week, I’ve spent several days in ICU waiting room with my oldest, dearest best friend.

Her beautiful boy was hit by a drunk driver a week ago. He was on a motorcycle and was wearing a helmet.

Today he joined the angels in heaven. He was only 24. He leaves behind a beautiful young widow and 2 very young innocent children.

He was loved by so many. Was an awesome kid. Never in any trouble. Not a single person could say anything bad about him.

It was horrible to watch his mother and wife say their last goodbyes as his heart made its last beat.

There are no comforting words for my dear friend or his wife.

It’s every parents worst nightmare to loose a child .

During the midst of all of this, my sister received “the call” that my niece had died of an overdose. She had battled addiction for the past twenty years. She was found alone in a motel room.

Her drug addiction had alienated her from everyone.

It’s sad. So very sad.

Two different scenarios but with the same heartache and pain.

Life is so unfair.

Something needs to be done because the current models of therapy and treatment just don’t work.

And I can only hope that the saying “bad things happen in three’s” is wrong.

I can’t handle another bad thing right now.

Published by Gatorgal

Just a wonderer thru life enjoying the ride.

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