24 Minutes.

That’s it.

My son overdosed again and that is all it took for the emergency room physician to examine him and release him.

The local police filed a Marchman Act on him.

The Marchman act is a Florida Law that is similar to a Baker Act but specifically for drug addicts.

The Marchman act allows for an involuntary hold for people that meet the following requirement:

1. Has lost the power of self-control with respect to substance use; AND EITHER

2a. Has inflicted, or threatened or attempted to inflict, or unless admitted is likely to inflict, physical harm on himself or herself or another; OR

b. Is in need of substance abuse services and, by reason of substance abuse impairment, his or her judgment has been so impaired that the person is incapable of appreciating his or her need for such services and of making a rational decision in regard thereto; however, mere refusal to receive such services does not constitute evidence of lack of judgment with respect to his or her need for such services. ”

In 24 minutes, the ER resident physician decided that he did not meet the requirements of the Marchman act.

The Marchman act is suppose to be treated like a Baker act with a mandatory 72 hour hold.

24 minutes is all it took to loose the only opportunity that we have had since his relapse last year , to get my adult son treatment.

In 24 minutes, all my hope was shattered.

How?? How can a recent overdose victim, NOT meet that criteria?

I received the call at 4:30 in the morning.

His Meth addict girlfriend called me in a panic.

I rushed to the hospital and asked to speak to his physician.

I explained that the last time this happened, he was released in 30 minutes.

The cocky resident physician said…

“This time, I am releasing him in 24 minutes”

First of all, he received 2 doses of Narcan.

Narcan wears off in 90-120 minutes.

The risk of a fatal overdose increases a tenfold in the immediate 24 hours following administration of Narcan.

When Narcan wears off, they are in immediate withdrawal.

Not to mention, he was still under the influence of the other drugs in his system.

That is sooooo wrong!

I have filed a complaint.

I will NOT be silent about the horrible treatment that addicts and their families receive.

BIG things are happening, just in a matter of days.


Updates will follow, I promise.

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