Childhood trauma and the ACE score

When you go to meetings, IOP or counseling, there is a lot of talk about childhood traumas as a cause of addiction. The ACE study ( Adversed Childhood Experiences) formulated a score to access one’s risk of addiction. Factors such as: Having an addicted parent Having a parent that’s been incarcerated Being sexual abused Having […]

Hope for the Best~ Prepare for the Worst

So it’s been 6 days since my son overdosed and was REVIVED with 3 doses of narcan.  I am hopeless.  I try to have hope but he makes it  impossible.  He is in denial. Doesn’t think he has a problem. Refuses any and all help. He has this all under control. It was just an accident. […]

My “Beautiful Boy”

Once upon a time… the story begins. It usual ends with “they lived happily ever after” but this ending is yet to be determined. There is a movie streaming on Amazon Prime. It’s called “Beautiful Boy”. It’s the real life story of David Sheff, author and journalist, about his unconditional love for his meth addicted […]